Wrap up from the SWEDU 2014 Reunion Meetup (5th August)

Hello Edupreneurs,


Thanks to all those who turned up for the SWEDU 2014 Reunion meetup last night. It was great to see the entrepreneurial spirit still alive and kicking in the teams even after a month. For those who missed the action at SWEDU 2014, you can read the regular updates that we posted during the event on our blog at http://sydedutech.org 


6 teams out of 10 were brave enough to put their hands up and share their updates which included an “attempted” live demo, stories of team splits and many amazing success stories including one of the teams getting into a startup accelerator. Read on…


TweakEd – Still working on the original idea of creating a shareable/forkable course. Team meetings have been difficult to schedule. They hope to take the idea to the next level soon.


Nao Academy – Team members are not sure if they want to pursue the idea further because of busy schedules. However one of the team members, Tim is continuing on his startup journey and is working on a new idea. Tim even did a live demo of his new idea which was as successful as 99% of live demos … in his defence it did work on the bus 😉 Tim is looking for co-founders and help from the community to take his idea further.


Edumal – Team Edumal is going strong with its message of educating animals and leaving no animal behind. Omar, who originally pitched the idea of Edumal is seriously pursuing the idea along with 2 of the Edumal team members. Meanwhile Danil, the 4th member of the team has split from the group and is pursuing a similar idea along with new team members from Russia. Both teams sound confident that they will survive and conquer.


Gro-Chart – Busy schedules have kept team Gro-chart from working on the idea further but the team is still keen to take the idea to the next level and keep working on the issue of educating kids about obesity and healthy choices.


… and now to our winners


Generation Entrepreneur – It was great to see our youngest SWEDU team and the runner up of SWEDU 2014 again. Team Generation Entrepreneur sounded as passionate as ever and are forging ahead with their original idea of bringing entrepreneurship education to high school kids. The have validated their idea with over 40 students, teachers and parents and have had meetings with Startup Weekend HQ about organising hackathons, workshops and bootcamps for highschool students. Generation Entrepreneur want to leave a legacy that will survive long after they have graduated and moved on.


Roleplayce – Finally SWEDU 2014 winners, Team Roleplayce surprised everyone by announcing that they have been accepted into a startup accelerator in Europe based on a slightly different pitch than the one that won them the overall prize at SWEDU. Roleplayce is still deciding if they want to accept the offer. Stay tuned for more news from them.


Overall the main theme that emerged was that team building is a huge challenge for most startups. The main goal of the SWEDU event is to help with the team building process as you not only get a chance to meet other participants with complementary skills but also get to work with them for 54 hours.


We urge all teams to tap into the network of mentors and experienced Edupreneurs in Sydney who are part of the SydEduTech group.


Finally here’s what’s coming up in the next few months at SydEduTech.
SydEduTech Meetup @ SydStart – Our next meetup will be held at the Hilton Hotel on 2nd Sept from 8 AM to 9 AM just before SydStart begins. More details to follow as we get closer to the date.


Pre-accelerator workshop – Applications for startup accelerators Muru-D and StartMate are opening soon. We would like EduTech to be over represented in each of these accelerators just like last time and so we are holding a special workshop for all EduTech companies that are applying for the above accelerators. This will include mentoring sessions from former accelerator graduates. Watch this space for more info on this.


We hope to see you again at the next meetup.



About Atul Pandey

Atul has always been passionate about Edutech and founded the Sydney Educational Technology community in Feb 2012 while looking for like minded people interested in EduTech. Atul is the founder of www.wisekangaroo.com, a provider of digital English language learning products, that empowers non-native English speakers around the world on their customized path to English fluency as per their specific learning needs.