Wrap Up From Teacher Tank 2014


Thanks to all those who turned up to witness the feeding frenzy at Teacher Tank 2014 – our EDU style “Shark Tank” – last night :)

3 startups were brave enough to put their hands up to be the bait. Ken Taggart from www.chattykidz.com was the first one to present followed by Brian Lim from launchbox.net.au and Ebenezer from Embreoh.

Our awesome panelists consisting of Matt Easterman, Dr. Bron Stuckey and Kelly Tagalan asked the tough questions and gave their frank feedback to the 3 startups.

The pitch that stood out was Launchbox by Brian. A how-to kit for school kids to build their own satellite and send it to space seemed to capture the imagination of many of the teachers in the room. He may have even signed up a trial customer by the end of the event. :)

Overall the pitches and feedback were excellent and demonstrated the talent and potential in Sydney’s EduTech space. It also highlighted the importance of collaboration between teachers and edtech startups right from an early stage. We hope that this will lead to a mutually beneficial outcome for both startups as well as teachers.

For next month’s meetup we will focus on successful business models for startups in K-12 space. More details to follow as we get closer to the date.

If you have any feedback, comments or suggestions about last night’s event or for the pitching startups please fill in the feedback form below. It takes less than 2 minutes and will help us improve the value of these meetups for you.


We hope to see you again at the next meetup.


About Atul Pandey

Atul has always been passionate about Edutech and founded the Sydney Educational Technology community in Feb 2012 while looking for like minded people interested in EduTech. Atul is the founder of www.wisekangaroo.com, a provider of digital English language learning products, that empowers non-native English speakers around the world on their customized path to English fluency as per their specific learning needs.