Sydney Edutech and the crazy pledge.

highres_279228812Startup Daily posted a story today on how Sydney EduTech Group has grown in the last one year.

Check it out. Looks like it’ll be “cake time” in a few months.


About SydEduTech Group

We are a Sydney meet-up group, interested in connecting educators, tech geeks, start-ups and investors who are passionate about the education space and interested in applying technology to solve current problems in the education sector. If you are a developer / hacker / entrepreneur / investor — who is passionate about education — please join us.

You can follow us on this meet-up, or on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@SydEduTechGroup) or read our blog

We plan to bring together interesting speakers from the technology and education space, and throw fun events in Sydney.

About Atul Pandey

Atul has always been passionate about Edutech and founded the Sydney Educational Technology community in Feb 2012 while looking for like minded people interested in EduTech. Atul is the founder of, a provider of digital English language learning products, that empowers non-native English speakers around the world on their customized path to English fluency as per their specific learning needs.