Wrap up from last week’s meetup – Nelson Gonzalez from Declara

Hey Edupreneurs,

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the SydEduTech meetup last week.

Our guest speaker was Nelson Gonzalez, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Declara. Nelson candidly shared his lessons learnt from his entrepreneurial journey and talked in detail about the toughest year for Declara and the strategies and decision making process that helped them get through the tough times. Without a doubt it was one of the most thought provoking and insightful talks we have had at the meetup.

You can connect and follow Nelson on https://goo.gl/xupWLA.

Afterwards, Myljoy Polestico, Head of APAC Sales for Declara, ran a masterclass in creating a social learning community on Declara with SydEduTech as an example. Myljoy has created a community landing page for our group at http://declara.com/partner/sydedutech.

Although still in Beta, Declara looks like a promising platform to create a collaborative knowledge base for the SydEduTech Group. Take a look at the SydEduTech collections to get an introduction to Declara. If you wish to co-curate articles/documents to the SydEduTech repository, simply create a free Declara account and email me to add you as a curator.

See you at the next event. Until then happy co-curating.



P.S. Thanks to Jackie Slaviero for taking notes during the talk.


  • Learning itself – replicating old models of learning; Hold true to the vision of learning; education/technology is it really like this? Innovation at scale in a systemic way. Collaborative curation.
  • Marketable – current and broken system
  • Sustainability but hold true to vision of learning
  • Insurgency – innovation and disruption aren’t enough.

Tough year

  • Enterprise platform
  • Scootle
  • Direct sales
  • Speed – quick development
  • Methodologies to fail fast and fail forward


  • Max growth with addictive product
  • Keep clear sight on vision
  • Communication Long term success – 10 to 20 years – hope it is a critical component in liberate learningnelson.gonzales@declara.com
  • Learner at the centre
  • Social informal learning platform

About Atul Pandey

Atul has always been passionate about Edutech and founded the Sydney Educational Technology community in Feb 2012 while looking for like minded people interested in EduTech. Atul is the founder of www.wisekangaroo.com, a provider of digital English language learning products, that empowers non-native English speakers around the world on their customized path to English fluency as per their specific learning needs.