Miracle Train & Tracy’s experience at Sydney SWEDU 2014

Team Name: Miracle Train – Organise all your online courses in one single course map.

Team Members: Tracy Hong, Aisyah Novanarima

Here’s what Tracy had to say about her experience at Sydney SWEDU 2014:

Hi Guys, 

I would have never imagined that I could be the creator of MiracleTrain if I never attended the SWEDU last weekend.
For me, I initially went along expecting to be more of a observer than a founder. Even until this moment, I still can’t figure why I would have the courage to go straight in the PitchFire without knowing what is Startup Weekend really about. Seriously, I thought it was another EduTech Meetup group, perhaps with more coaches, a series of workshops, beer and good food. Forgive my ignorance, what a random AWESOME weekend!!!
I enjoyed it so much, and I’m proud of what our team achieved in 48hrs. I described this experience to friends as I was doing my favourite extreme sport – skydiving. I had tandem (i.e. coaches) and parachutes (resources and team), the only thing to make this jump, is my gut. As I jumped out the plane (you guys are the pilots), the tandem guided me how to drive (control) my parachute towards the right landing direction. And now, my friends are pumped and would love to join me to do the process again.
I will continue to work on this project, and aiming to refine the features and create an interactive demo/ the mvp to conduct some real user testing in the following weeks.
Once again, many thanks to the organisers, sponsors, mentors, volunteers and judges. I am looking forward to seeing you guys soon.

We wish Tracy and Aisyah the best and hope that Miracle Train continues on its journey.

Checkout photos from Sydney SWEDU 2014:
Friday Pitch Night & Team Formation
Satuday Mentor Sessions
Sunday Demo Night & Winners

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