Meet #sydswedu 2014 Mentors – Mike Gardiner & Gretchen

Mentors play a major role at SWEDU events and at Sydney Startup Weekend EDU 2014  we have assembled a stellar panel of mentors to help our participants in their 54 hour quest for Startup gold.

Today we introduce Mike Gardiner & Gretchen Armitage from LimeRocket.

gretchen_mike_bwMike is the CEO & Lead Developer of Lime Rocket. He has over 16+ years experience developing 50+ applications across web, desktop, mobile & Smart TV and currently leads the teams development of a location based social gaming & learning platform. 

Gretchen is the COO. Before joining Lime Rocket she was the Economic Development Manager of Bathurst Regional Council. She has worked with several universities on major projects such as facilitating the partnership of the development of 30M industry tech & research and placement programs in industry. Mike has extensive experience in software development, game design & gamification while Gretchen brings experience in project management, business development & marketing.

Here’s our conversation with Mike & Gretchen. Read on…

What motivated you to start Limerocket?

We wanted to turn SmartPhones into truly social devices and enable people to be able to connect, share & learn using games & digital screens. We believe in the ability for our games to spark ideas, conservations & connections between people in social spaces.


What are your expectations from the SWEDU event?

We are expecting to see some exciting concepts & passionate attendees at the event and really looking forward to helping the teams.


What do you think schools/colleges would look like in 5 years?

We will see higher usage from social learning & collaborative tools & content.


What are the trends/challenges that you see for education in the future?

The growth in use of personal devices like SmartPhones & Tablets for education will continue and with this comes some challenges to keeping the education experience truly social.


What are some ways to keep updated about Edtech news/events in Sydney? First step would be start connecting to the EdTech community via groups like the SydEduTech group. Also signup for startup events like SydStart & Tech23 as they include exciting EdTech startups and can be great ways to build your network of potential co-founders & mentors.


About #sydswedu 2014

When: 27th June 2014 – 29th June 2014

Where: Muru-D Campus, 363 Oxford St., Paddington, NSW Australia.

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