Meet A #sydswedu 2014 Mentor – Mark Stanley

Mentors play a major role at SWEDU events and at Sydney Startup Weekend EDU 2014  we have assembled a stellar panel of mentors to help our participants in their 54 hour quest for Startup gold. Today we introduce the first of our mentors – Mark Stanley from Literatu.


Mark is a bootstrap entrepreneur who is building his 3rd company, having successfully exited 2 prior businesses. Mark has been developing software for 27 years and is really interested in forging innovation in education. Every year educators repeat manual processes that are inefficient, poorly delivered and lack measurable outcomes. Inertia, habit and distraction play havoc with progress. Progress saves jobs, create new jobs and improves outcomes. If only we could make progress and profit from it – right? Here’s our conversation with Mark about his startup and they future of education. Read on…


What is your area of expertise?

Leading teams of excellent programmers who create innovative solutions that break habits of the past and build best practice outcomes for the future.

What motivated you to start Literatu?

My sons go to school with laptops, smart phones and ipads – have done for years. They still come home with either photocopied paper, on which they hand write; or they work on their macbook, then print and staple paper so a teacher can manually mark their work. There are so many process and data points that could be better done in this reality, I just had to build a better way forwards. If we are teaching 21st century learners, we have to at least look a like 21st century education system. PS..We are 14 years down already on the 21st century.

What are your expectations from the SWEDU event?

Anytime any idea is openly accepted and tested, something great happens. You either wake something up or put something to sleep. Either way, you know which way to go. Expanding ideas, before they get closed, builds new pathways. SWEDU equals fresh ideas.

What do you think schools/colleges would look like in 5 years?

As long as the Dept of EDU is here, schools won’t change, politics won’t change either. I hope next gen teachers come into frame and work to join the positive ‘ion’. ( innovation and education). The definition of ion describes the situation well.

What are the trends/challenges that you see for education in the future?

The challenge is to realise you can’t keep doing the same thing year after year and call it progress. Education must have a leading edge to it – at all times, without fear of failure. Even if we learn what doesn’t work – we learn.

What are some ways to keep updated about Edtech news/events in Sydney?

Sydedutech Group is the only way to keep updated with what is happening. The group is real, the people are doing real stuff and there is a community spirit that drives the karma. The group is seriously connected, positive and really well run.

About #sydswedu 2014 When: 27th June 2014 – 29th June 2014 Where: Muru-D Campus, 363 Oxford St., Paddington, NSW Australia. Event Website: Tickets: Please purchase your tickets at the Eventbrite page

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