How to pitch at #sydswedu – Tips from our pitch clinic mentors… T-6 hours to go

T-6 hours until pitch-fire time.  The heat is up (literally the room feels 10 degrees hotter than yesterday) and things are getting serious.  This morning teams sat in with our pitch practice mentors and practiced their 4 minute pitches.

Here’s what our Pitch Clinic mentor Sean Marshal told them:

How to pitch like you built the business yesterday

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Here’s what tips our mentors had for the teams:

1) Be mindful of the clock and pace of communication during certain important points.  Have a clear product name, clear visuals, and clean presentation.  Have someone else in charge of the slides so the presenter can focus their attention on delivering the pitch.  Only have the main presenters up on stage.  

2) Don’t forget to communicate how this is going to solve an issue in education and help your end-user.  Structure your presentation to clearly identify this.  Remove the fluff and keep the text on the slides to a minimum!

3) Use stories. Don’t jump straight to your business plan without giving an elevator pitch about your startup. For a difficult product to understand, show a demo of the product, and talk about the solution.  Tell us how the product works through a Minimum Viable Product process.  Be clear in identifying the problem but spend most of your time explaining the solution.  

4) Be able to clearly explain the value of the product/solution for an Education problem.  Focus on Education Impact of your idea.  Share SUCCESSFUL customer validation/business model testing, and other simple statistics.  Make the judges excited with a clear value proposition.

Good luck to all the teams today!! 

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