Help us define the strategy for making Sydney the global EdTech hub by 2020

Happy New Year 2015!


We hope you had a fun, relaxing and safe holiday season.


So, we are halfway through January now and you know the drill… we all make resolutions for the year .. to get fit, launch that startup, be more this or be more that. Then after a while we’re back to our same patterns and behaviours. Aren’t we?


But what if this year we ALL resolved to work on a common goal …

– A goal big enough to benefit each and every member of the SydEduTech community.

– A goal which will transform the Australian EdTech landscape forever.

– A goal to transform Sydney a leading EdTech Hub by 2020.


Back in October 2013 we ran a workshop to brainstorm this goal with the community. In the past 1 year we have made great progress by running events like EdTech Pitchfest, ED:SPARK, the First Startup Weekend Education in Australia, Teacher Tank and regular meetups for the community along with several other support activities. We also saw 10+ Australian EdTech companies accepted into the local and international startup accelerators such as Muru-D, ANZ Innovyz and more.

This year we want to take it to the next level and need your support to make it even bigger than 2014. We believe, we need to further and more drastically transform the EdTech ecosystem in Sydney by fostering a culture of education entrepreneurship, a collaborative environment, an ecosystem in which Sydney becomes a magnet for attracting the best talent and funding for EdTech startups – “YOU SUCCEED, WE GROW”.


Let’s collaborate!


We are at the very beginning of founding such an EdTech ecosystem, and it will take some time to achieve all of our goals. However, as a first step towards establishing this goal with an open and collaborative approach, we started last week by crowd-sourcing ideas internally for the goal of transforming Sydney into a world leading EdTech Hub.


We would now like to take this one step further and include as much external knowledge and experience as possible by inviting YOU, the leaders of the Sydney EdTech ecosystem, to share your opinions and link your thoughts on this topic both virtually and by participating in-person at our next SydEduTech community meetup.


How can you participate?


Step 1: Review the draft strategy framework:

Below is a short guide on how to read the one page strategy format.

  • Outcomes – a definition of what SydEduTech will look like in 2020.
  • Targets – a set of measures that are used to prove if that outcome was achieved.
  • Strategic Investments – a set of high level activities which if done consistently will ensure SydEduTech achieves its 2020 Outcomes
  • Milestones – Are concrete actions to be completed in 12 months to progress the plan along. Note: these will be completed at the next SydEduTech community meetup


Step 2: Provide any comments by posting on this Facebook post {link to the facebook post for blog post and email}.


Step 3: If you have your own blog, post an article or video with your personal statement on the goal of “Transforming Sydney into a world EdTeh hub by 2020″ and link it to the Facebook post Questions could be, amongst others..

  • What are the major trends predicted for EdTech for the next 5 years?
  • What are the outcomes that need to be achieved for Sydney to be recognized as a global EdTech hub?
  • What are the challenges/strategic investments that we need to do as a group to achieve this goal and how would you approach them?

With all comments and links posted in one place, you can participate in the virtual ‘brainstorming session’ until the next SydEduTech community event.


Step 4: Come along to the next SydEduTech “strategy reset” meetup to have your say and show your support.

When: 3rd Feb 2014 @ 6 PM

Where: Fishburners, Level 1, 608 Harris Street, Ultimo, 2007

RSVP here.


Let’s start brainstorming