Educating the next generation of tech entrepreneurs

Hey Edupreneurs,

I’m sure those who turned up to last night’s SydEduTech meetup are still feeling inspired from watching the next generation of entrepreneurs pitch and share their business ideas. For those who couldn’t make it, here’s a recap.

The theme for last night was “Educating the next generation of entrepreneurs’. As we all very well know, innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage today. Unfortunately, innovation cannot be taught in schools. The best we can do is create the right environment, teach the right skills, bring together the right people and hope that these will trigger innovation.

Pete and Ben from {code camp} are doing just that by teaching kids – from primary to high school – to build iphone apps. Pete shared his passion for teaching technology skills to kids and described how much kids love to code and build things.

Next up, Victor and Alex from “Generation Entrepreneur” who just organized their first hackathon, INITIATE 48, shared their experience as organizers. Both Victor and Alex are high school students themselves and all participants in the hackathon were also high school students.

We also heard from the 3 of the teams that participated in the event.


Jesse Park from Team Bypass: They are solving the annoying problem of feeling isolated at an social gathering. Their app quickly shows you if you have a friend or a FOF around you and helps you strike up a conversation. It’s the real “social” social network. They even have a “mom alert” feature to quickly turn back and avoid bumping into your mom 😉

Runner Up

Tammy from Team Returnaround: Customers returning stuff after using them for a few days is big problem for retailers. Team returnaround is the ebay for lightly used items. They handle the reselling of lightly used returned items for retailers without diluting the brand value … better than ebay and gumtree.

First Runner Up

Barry from Team Health Academy: Australia is a sports loving nation but so many kids miss out on choosing the right sport as a career path because their skills don’t get identified early. Team Health Academy has a program that helps young highschool kids identify the right sport for the skills that they have and matches them with coaches who can help develop their talent.

As you can see, all the ideas were incredibly well thought out. The passion and hard work that these kids put in to develop their ideas can put even experienced entrepreneurs to shame. Tammy’s from Returnaround was particularly impressive and I’m sure she inspired everyone in the room by sharing her experience.

The future of entrepreneurship is surely in good hands.

See you next time.



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